Won't You Sit By Me

w/ poet Dennis Caswell. Bushwick Book Club, Royal Room, Seattle. 11/9/13.

God Came from Anacortes

From the March 2, 2013 Bushwick Book Club Show at the Crocodile Cafe, Seattle.

Jelly - duet for violin and cello

Roger Zahab, viollin; David Russell, cello

The Heart Beats in Waltztime/Nobody's Daddy

With Liam Graham, bass. Paducah, KY, 9/08

I'm Asking Forgiveness

Jason Goodman singing an R&B chestnut with Pete on the Telecaster, Jon Green on bass, and Steve "Medium Walter" Mueller on harmonica, from the 60th Birthday benefit concert at the Island Music Guild, Bainbridge Island.

The Battle Is Over - with Charles Spencer

Recorded in New Hope, PA December, 2012 with brother Charles Spencer on lead guitar.

Restless Youth in Chinatown

Paducah, KY, 9/08

The Little Death Rag

Filmed at Seabold Hall, Bainbridge Island, during recording sessions for Pete's album "1896."


Paducah, KY 09/08. 

Delicious Cookies

Paducah, KY 9/08.

Turn to Me

Filmed on Bainbridge Island by Charlie Bermant, Summer, 2006.

1983 Greenwich Village Bob Dylan Imitators Contest

This is the notorious contest, judged by Folk City impresario Mike Porco and others, that encapsulates NYC in the 1980s for me. Give it 25 minutes of your life. I still have the certificate I won that night.

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