Tips For Buying an RV Refrigerator

Tips For Buying an RV Refrigerator
Tips For Buying an RV Refrigerator

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There are many problems you can encounter when using your RV refrigerator. Some of these are simple and can be easily solved. For example, you can fix a broken thermistor or replace the control board. Purchasing a second-hand RV refrigerator is also a viable option, but you will have to trust the seller’s assessment. It is best to test the fridge yourself to ensure that it still works properly. Besides, RV fridges do not operate continuously, so it is important to ask the seller how long and how often it has been used.

After the fridge is purchased, it is important to make sure that it is level and contains plenty of air. You should also avoid placing uncool items inside your RV, as they will absorb the coolness and prevent the other food from cooling. Also, make sure to leave plenty of empty space between your bottled water and food. When packing, do not make the fridge too tight, since it will cause heat to dissipate and cool air will be unable to escape.

Before buying an RV refrigerator, consider the type of power source. There are two main types: 110-volt and 12-volt systems. Twelve-volt RV refrigerators use a 12-volt battery to run, while a 230-volt unit uses 120-volts. If you use a 12-volt refrigerator, make sure you carry a backup battery in case you run out of juice. Alternatively, you could install a portable solar panel or windmill to power the refrigerator.

The capacity of an RV refrigerator depends on your camping needs. You might need a much larger fridge if you plan to cook a lot or host a large gathering of people. A residential-style fridge usually runs on shore power. However, if you plan to boondock, you may need to purchase an upgraded power source. A smaller refrigerator may not be suitable if you’re using the fridge for boondocking.

An electric-only RV refrigerator is an option if you’re looking for more space. This type of refrigerator can be installed by an RV manufacturer or by an RV owner. While an electric-only fridge may be smaller and cheaper, it will still provide adequate cooling. It can be operated on both LP gas and electricity. The latest models can automatically switch between the two fuel sources. It is also important to check the compressor of an RV refrigerator to ensure that it does not become damaged due to travel.

To install an RV refrigerator, you will need to measure the size of the space where the current refrigerator is located. You should also measure the size of the door on your RV. Once you’ve measured the space, you’ll need to fit the new unit inside the RV. It’s best to measure twice so that the unit will fit properly. It’s important to turn off all propane and electricity sources and disconnect the house battery before attempting to install your new fridge.

You can choose an RV refrigerator with an optional freezer. Compared to home refrigerators, these RV refrigerators are compact and can be used for storing frozen foods. Moreover, they also don’t need to be as large as the standard refrigerator. It is also possible to use an electric cooler if you don’t have the room for an absorption refrigerator. It’s also easy to use ice blocks in a zip-top bag to keep things cool.

While choosing an RV refrigerator, remember to consider your goals. You must decide whether you will be using it primarily for recreational purposes or as a home. If you’re interested in camping, consider what type of RVing you do. Knowing what you like to do will make your decision easier. It will also provide you with a greater range of adventures. If you want to have an RV refrigerator, make sure you research the benefits of both options before making a final decision.

When choosing an RV fridge, choose the one that best suits your needs. It should be compact enough to fit in the space inside an RV, and preferably have latching doors. If you’re traveling in extremely hot weather, be sure to park your RV in a shady area on the side of the fridge, or else you’ll run into trouble when trying to keep it cool. Make sure to pack the right foods to make the most of your RV fridge.

When purchasing an RV refrigerator, be sure to check the vent for clogging. Clogged vents will affect the performance of the fridge. To avoid this, you can purchase a 12-volt fan to draft the warm air away from the fridge. Install the fan yourself or have a professional RV dealership do it for you. If you don’t want to hire an RV dealer, you can also look for a fan online that will fit into the fridge.