Pete's latest full-length album, featuring "pure solo" recordings on an 1896 Washburn parlor guitar, recorded in a Bainbridge Island, WA school built in 1896, hence the name. Buy this CD

From the Island

Pete's new studio album, with pianist Dave Bristow and electric bassist Liam Graham, containing the title track, "Holding On," "Went Too Far Blues," "Delicious Cookies," and a dozen others. Buy "From the Island" here!

The Blues Concert

All of Pete's best-loved blues tunes in one place, with one audience, on one night. Liam Graham plays fretless electric bass on this set of smoking acoustic blues. Features "Please Send Me Someone to Love," "The Battle is Over," "Turn to Me," and others. Buy "The Blues Concert" Here!

Gathering Light

Pete's first all-instrumental album with all his favorite Christmas music, up to and including a ragtime version of "Jingle Bells."

Buy "Gathering Light" Here!


This 2005 album contains songs like "Crime Against Love," "Down the River," and "Honeymoon in Mississippi." BTW - this is the one featuring drummer Glen Bob Allen, not "New Hope and Wise Virgins." Buy "Handsignal" Here!

New Hope and Wise Virgins

Pete's 2000 album with "Restless Youth in Chinatown," "Wolverine," "Streets of Montreal," "Godzilla Feet," and more. Produced by Geoff Bartley.

Buy "New Hope and Wise Virgins" here!

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