Buying a Portable Refrigerator

Buying a Portable Refrigerator
Buying a Portable Refrigerator

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A portable refrigerator can come in handy for a variety of reasons. It allows you to keep drinks and snacks at a consistent temperature without having to leave your vehicle. It can also be used as a portable bar fridge. You’ll never have to worry about running out of beer or other cold beverages again. A portable fridge is an excellent choice for long road trips. Depending on the size of your fridge, it can range in price from $50 to $150.

Most portable refrigerators come with a cigarette lighter plug. This is not ideal for high-current applications. Moreover, if your vehicle runs on batteries, the refrigerator may unplug easily if you hit a bump. Fortunately, some fridges have different connectors, including Anderson types that can be installed easily. A few other factors to consider when purchasing a portable fridge include its power draw, size, and weight. If you’re on a budget, a portable fridge may not be the best choice for your needs.

The price of a 12V portable fridge can vary. However, these models are the most energy-efficient on the market. The most energy-efficient models are Dometic CFX fridges. ARB makes their power consumption test data available. For example, the ARB 50-Qt refrigerator draws an average of 0.87A per hour when tested in an ambient temperature of 86degF. An Engel refrigerator draws a lower average draw, drawing 0.79A per hour in ambient temperatures of 37degF.

Some of the best 12V portable refrigerators are made by Dometic, a brand known for its quality and durability. It is possible to buy one of these units for a reasonable price if you know what you’re looking for. A high-quality brand will last for many years, and you’ll never have to worry about losing a single item again. If you want a durable, reliable fridge for your van, the Dometic CFX3 model is a good choice.

Another popular option is the Dometic CFX3 Refrigerator and Freezer, which has a storage capacity of 36 liters and fits around 50 soda cans. It weighs 48 pounds. The Dometic CFX3 uses compressor cooling technology, which helps it cool at -7 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a color display monitor and soft-touch buttons. If you’re in a hurry, you can easily reach the buttons and adjust the temperature.

The most expensive portable fridge on our list is the Dometic CFX3 75DZ. It includes a battery pack Dometic PLB40. This battery pack can be charged up to eight days. The Dometic CFX3 75DZ has the largest storage capacity of all portable fridges on our list and can cool food to seven degrees Fahrenheit. Its lithium-ion battery packs are also very easy to use. A sturdy, rugged mount will keep the portable refrigerator securely in place.

The Dometic CFX fridge comes with a wealth of features, including a reversible side-opening lid, wifi app control, and usb port for charging your devices. Other features include an insulated cover and a drain plug. If you’re on a budget, it may be worth looking at Edgestar and Whynter. While these models have been rebranded from mass-produced Chinese units, they’ve become a reputable brand in the portable refrigerator market.

The chest style portable fridge is a practical option that will keep your food fresh and organized even while traveling. Its design allows you to stack multiple items to save space. While a chest style portable refrigerator may take up more space than an upright fridge, it is more space-efficient. If you’re going to be using it in a cramped area, you’ll probably want to choose an upright fridge instead. There’s nothing worse than relocating your portable fridge to a smaller place to use it.

If you’re on a budget and don’t mind spending time on a DIY refrigerator, it’s possible to build your own portable refrigerator for around $100. Although these refrigerators are not as efficient as the more expensive commercial models, they’re very cheap and can easily fit into your trunk. The downside to DIY fridges is that they require some experience and a bit of patience. Nonetheless, a homemade portable refrigerator can help you to save money while on a road trip or camping.