A good guy, but complicated. I always thought the great feud with Robertson was the result of a fundamental misunderstanding on Levon's part. Remember, he left the Band for almost two years in '65-'67 and hen he came back rock had changed in ways he didn't always understand. I was touched by Robbie's account of seeing him in the hospital one last time. All that aside - a great, truly profound drummer and he was always gracious and kind (in *every* way) the few times we met. The first time we met face-to-face (I'd interviewed him a few weeks before) he shook my hand and said in that ravaged voice, "Welcome aboard." And say what you will about the Band Reunion, it produced some memorable shows. I remember a hot September night at a minor-league ballpark in Trenton, down by the River. There had been a barbecue taste-off all day and the outfield running track was lined with pits. Big yellow moon over left field, the smell of woodsmoke in the air, people dancing on the infield. It was a mythic small-town rock and roll jamboree.

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