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I'm looking forward to the show Monday night at Highway 99, although there have been some last-minute changes that ramp up the uncertainty level. First, Justin the host won't be there. He got another guy to take his place, a very good, jazz-influenced player named Jeremy. But I don''t think this guy sings, so where I thought I would split singing with someone else, like Justin, now I'm wondering if I have to sing the whole 90 minutes by myself. It'd actually be fun if I did, but if so I need to fatten up the list I'm taking. And it would be good to catch my breath for a number or two. Ah well, there's always instrumentals. And I'll miss playing some of Justin's arrangements, too: a nice "Sympathy for the Devil" and "For What It''s Worth," where I could play the Stills part against Justin's strng harmonics. Those are just two. I've been playing the telecaster more lately, getting the chops up. This guy Jeremy is well-educated in jazz and I'll need to make my case that short and sweet gets the bear, too. And speaking of bears, I've decided to bring along the Blues Bear, who lives on my dashboard, to sit on my amp. It's time for more of us to learn to love the Blues Bear. And I'm not going to have to host the open jam afterwards, right? That would be disaster. I just don't have the temperment. Justin is very, very good at it. He knows how to make people feel good, a valuable skill in any field. Turns out I know his father, also a nice guy, who plays guitar with Deb Seymour. Small world.

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