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So it was a good tour, doing good shows for (most of the time) large audiences and driving around in the world's most luxurious Kia. I got to see family and old friends and I got a sense of which songs from the new album work best in which contexts. We'll have to do this again sometime. The first show was in Washington, DC, where I don't recall ever having played before. It was a house-concert in a beautifully rennovated home at the north end of Rock Creek Park. I did two sets, pretty evenly drawn from New Hope and Wise Virgins, Handsignal, and The Blues Concert. And I got to play on a nine-foot Baldwin concert grand piano for the encore. The next afternoon, Sunday the 18th, I played at Kline's Gallery in Lambertville, NJ and all kinds of friends from the old days showed up. The first half of the show was taken up with younger guys Barry Peterson thought I would like to hear and he was right. There were some very strong songwriters in the house that day. Then, on Monday night the 19th, I was the featured performer at a long-running showcase in Cambridge, MA and, again, a lot of old friends showed up. Geoff Bartley. who runs the night, is a true legend of the fabled Cambridge scene and his recommendation meant plenty of the curious and the eminent were there, including Steve Brennan, who's "I Know This Road" is the best truck-driving song I've ever heard. Get that tune to me pronto, buddy! And now I'm back on the Island, wondering what happens next and trying to find more excuses to put off all the things I was going to do "when I get back." So now I'm back. Now what?

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