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This Election #2

Some good friends have expressed dismay at my previous entry, where I urge everyone to elect Barack Obama our next President. They argue from the conservative point of view, one I share in most cases. There is a principled argument to be made in favor of voting Republican this year if only to prevent the further centralization of government and other "socialist" trends associated with the Democratic Party. The conservative creed remains an honest and useful platform from which to reform our government, society, and culture. But for me, it is more important to drive from the public gaze those false conservatives who have poisoned civic discourse and sold out the principles of limited government. Modern conservatism was born as a thoughtful, reasoned response to the excesses of left-wing class-warriors, but today the Republican campaign promotes the same destructive ignorance-as-anti-elitism that the New Left pushed in the 1960s. As long as conservatism is promoted as the politics of the wilfully stupid it is no conservatism at all. They must go.

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