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One of my favorite blogs is run by my old friend Steve Simels at He's a total New York City muso, writer, performer, so today, natch, he felt he had to come up with somethig to Say. But the fact is that for all the public sanctimony these anniversaries call forth, THE SITE IS STILL A F****** HOLE IN THE GROUND! So Steve just ran a clip of the Who playing at the Concert for New York City a few weeks later. It's a great performance, and here's the response I posted in Steve's comments section. "For the first minute or two it seems like an exercise in impotence. As we've been doing since we were teenagers we go into a closed room full of flashing lights and pummel our senses into nothingness as the world outside turns worse, unengaged. What are these drum/guitar explosions for? At times they sound unsettlingly like the explosions that took our friends. "Then the statement comes into focus. We are humanists, not fanatics, and no matter how many of us get taken out by fanatics - Muslim nutjobs in airplanes, Christian nutjobs shooting women's doctors - our art goes on. This is passion, just as passionate as a fanatic's desire to wipe the Earth clean, but it's a lifegiving passion. And a murderous gesture in the outer world means nothing. It is no match for our gestures in the inner world, clear-eyed, not kidding ourselves. "And at the end the whole thing turns into one hell of a party for people who really deserve it." I'll just add two more words: Jeff Hardy.

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