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This weekend we finished principal recording on the next album, which will be called "From the Island," and I got a disc of rough mixes today. It's a good set of songs, including the title track, "Went Too Far," "Holding On," and "Delicious Cookies," but it wasn't the songs or my performances that I noticed most. It may be because he's moving to Nashville in a couple of weeks, but tonight I found myself focusing mostly on Liam Graham's bass-playing and singing. He and I are the only two musicians involved throughout and his contributions are crucial. Of course, it's just Liam and me on "The Blues Concert," too, and I hope everybody will hear how good he is there. But "From the Island" showcases a much broader range of his musicianship with tunes like "Goodbye Porkpie Hat" and "A Woman Left Lonely." Not only that, but he sings with me on about half the tracks, too. I don't know how he can be replaced. I've always wanted to work with players like Liam, rock-solid musicians with an unfailingly positive attitude and an understanding and appreciation of the work I'm trying to do. But with pretty much everyone else I've ever worked with I've had to settle for less than the ideal one way or another. From now on Liam Graham will be the standard by which other players will be judged.

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