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The Carol-Sing

We all had a great time singing together at Pegasus last night. I didn''t use the PA and was surprised at how hoarse I got in two hours, but it was still the right decision - made people want to sing along, which they did reverently and/or lustily as the material required. My personal high point was "Green Grow the Rushes, O!" if only to establish once and for all that people like the song and will sing it even if they don't know the words. It is designed to be picked up by people who don't know the words. Dusty Collings led us in a beautiful "Go Tell It on the Mountaiin" and the whole affair was nicely decentralized and unshowbiz, with several truly fine singers in the audience. I had told a friend of mine about the show that afternoon, the way you do, and he let it be known that singing Christmas carols was pretty much the last thing he would ever do in this life. At the end of the evening, as we were singing "Silent Night" with all the lights off and the candles glowing, I saw him walk past the place, alone, and stop to look in the window. He seemed lonesome at that moment, and I manfully supresssed a bit of unChristian satisfaction.

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