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Charlie Film and I were talking last night, after the Pegasus gig with Rick Barrenger, and he asked when the last time was that I bought a new allbum - that is to say, an album of new music that had been released fairly recently. It stumped me completely. The closest I could come was the remixed Beatles album called "Love," which I wrote about when I bought it however many years ago that was. "I don't think that counts," Charlie replied. And when I said I was thinking about getting the Herbie Hancock album that won this year's Album of the Year Grammy Charlie didn't even have to say anything. It's all Joni Mitchell songs - new record, old music. I've said before on this space how slim the pickings seem to be in new popular music, despite the vast number of young bands and soloists. Usually I ascribe this to the a general lack of musical knowledge or education among the younger generation. Less often I'll say I'm being stodgy or resistant to change. These both are true, but there's something else. People born between 1940 and 1960 claimed a kind of ownership of rock music, whether it was the rock and roll of Fats Domino and Little Richard or the later folk/rock of Bob Dylan and the Beatles. And it's still "our" music. The only thing that's changed is that the people whose music it isn't are now younger than us, not older.

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