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On the Road Again

In a week I'll be flying East to see my children and play some shows, the one made possible by the tax benefits of the other. I have no illusions about which is more important but the two go together these days. I could eat a knockwurst without mustard easily enough, but I like mustard, too. I'll be playing in Washington, DC for the first time, if not ever, then in at least a lifetime. And I'll play in Cambridge, MA for the first time in almost that long. The last time may have been at the closing celebration of a club called the Idler just off Harvard Square. That was a romp, that night in 1982 or thereabouts. At the end of the evening some guy who had been sitting at the bar all night left suddenly, went home, brought back a painting he said he had stolen from the place some years before, and presented it to Lenny Rothenberg onstage with great ceremony. I wonder where Lenny is now. Geoff Bartley is still there. He was too popular to play at the Idler back then, but he remains a community fixture who wears legend status well. I admire him. I'll have a new album to show people while I'm there (afterwards, too, it figures) and a new pair of cowboy boots if the order comes through in time. My current pair was given to me after a show in Chicago by somebody whose name I have forgotten. That was 30 years ago. Damn. PS. I take a back seat to no one in my respect for Willie Nelson. But I've always thought "On the Road Again" is a dumb song - not as dumb as "Imagine," maybe, but dumb.

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