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So I watched "The Wackness" tonight. It's a sweet, original coming-of-age story that I think they wanted to be funny but I didn't laugh. The things they think are funny don't usually make me laugh. Buster Keaton makes me laugh. Anyway, I watched it for an hour but then the sweet, goofy boy and the sharp, ironic girl went to bed and since there was at least another 30 minutes left in the movie I figured they would have to make up something that would humiliate him and I didn't want to see that (I'm easily embarrassed by movies) so I turned it off. Maybe I'll look up the plot summary in Wikipedia if I get curious. Did you ever see a movie called "Something's Got to Give" with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson? For the first hour it's a very charming love story but then they realized that it had to be a half-hour longer so they put the man and woman through the ringer for no good reason and then tacked on a completely unbelievable reconciliation and happy ending, just so the film would be long enough. Bah!

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