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I'm tired of the misuse of the word "renown." If I see one more piece of flackery that describes someone as "world-renown" I'm gonna start slashing tires. "Renown" is a noun. "Renowned" is an adjective. One is a "world-renowned" singer or author or ventriloquist if one has gained world-wide "renown" for his or her singing or writing or ventriloquism. We can defeat this canard as long as we don't duck our responsibilities. Remember how you used to always hear radio announcers "wishing you a pleasant good morning"? Over the past twenty years this bit of linguistic flab has virtually disappeared from the airwaves. Granted, this disappearance was caused not so much by the complaints of angry grammarians as by the fact that hardly anything on the radio is pleasant anymore. The important thing is that it's gone. So let's chip in and make this happen, everybody. As a reward I offer this "your mom" joke: Your Mom is so fat, she's taller sitting down.

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