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Letter to English singer/songwriter John Otway

Dear John, My name is Peter Spencer and over one strange weekend in New York City I was your roadie - not a very good one, I'm afraid. It was 198...1 maybe? You played two nights at a dance club on the West Side whose name I have forgotten and then the next night at the Bottom Line opening for Squeeze. Your band was a trio. You played guitar and violin and were very hard on the equipment. You guys stayed at the Iroquois Hotel on 44th Street and I slept on the floor because I was a starving singer-songwriter with no place else to sleep. I think I had made it a condition of my employment that I crash at the hotel. How I got the job I don't remember, but I was let go before the Bottom Line gig because (I think) I was big and clumsy and when I ran out on the stage to rescue whatever equipment you were abusing at the moment I tended to knock things over and make it all worse. You jumped on me once and wrestled me to the ground while singing "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance." After the shows (and sometimes in the afternoons) you and I would go to the same cheap restaurant near the hotel and you would always eat the same thing, fried chicken. Anyway, I discovered your Myspace page tonight and I wanted to say that I think "Poetry and Jazz" is a great, beautiful song and I'm glad you're still working. I live on an island near Seattle where I perform and teach guitar and voice. I have some videos at Youtube and my website is Keep pumping it out. All the best, peter spencer

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