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This Dumb Little Town Cupertino Hard Times Casanova's Waltz Belle Virginie Honeymoon In Mississippi Down the River Delicious Cookies Dark by the Rain Sweet Dreams From the Island With Bierce in Mexico It's Supposed to Snow at Christmas Allegheny River The Little Death Rag Mirror Turn to Me Bassist Mike Wittekind played especially well, I thought. My favorite numbers were With Bierce in Mexico and Dark by the Rain, where we got to stretch out a bit instrumentally. Also It's Supposed to Snow at Christmas, the evening's only blues. I hope we brought in enough people to please the management. The place was pretty much full. I worried that we were too loud, although we had no complaints. I just always think we're too loud. I'd like to play there with no PA at all, actually. My guitar would reach - I'm sure of it. We sold some CDs, including the Christmas one I'm glad to say. 'Tis the season, at least in retail terms. The new songs held up well, I thought, especially Belle Virginie and Allegheny River. The whole purpose of the non-blues setlist was to give space to the new things I've written this year. I missed having blues to sing, though. It relaxes me as a singer. This was the first time in 25 years or more I did not do Restless Youth in Chinatown in a full show. Other longtime A-listers did well, including Mirror, Casanova's Waltz, and Down the River. My one complaint was the preponderance of jokey songs, especially in the first set. I can't help it - I write 'em, after all - but last night showed how the oddball material doesn't set off the serious songs that well. I could have trusted a little more that my tunes are distinct from each other and don't need comic relief. There were several students in the house last night. I hope I gave them enough guitar-playing. Each set had at least one extended instrumental passage but without blues it doesn't really tell the tale guitar-wise. I hope that holds them for a while.

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