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The "Songwriters' Conversation" show at the Jewel Box Theatre in Poulsbo got a front page writeup in the local where-to-go-what-to-do. I always feel I go on too long in interviews, but this writer seemed able to slice and dice my comments without losing too much of their meaning. Co-star Eric Miller said nice things about me and everything was fine, although I still don't like punning headlines. "Fingerpickin' good" indeed! I suppose I'd have liked that one better if I was still allowed to eat fried chicken. Ever notice in those accounts of condemned criminals' last meals they never ask for a salad? The show itself was fine, I thought. Eric's tunes are very charming and I tended toward my darker stuff as a contrast to his sweetness, so there was a balance there. And yet we have enough in common, especially in our playing, that when I finally ran out of things to say we were able to collaborate on a couple of numbers and that sounded pretty good. We went completely PA-free and the clarity and intimacy of the sound, the lack of barrier between us and the audience, was truly liberating. I was able to play extremely quietly behind Eric, so as not to disturb him, and yet be heard perfectly well. In fact overall the music had a dynamic range that would have been impossible if we'd been miked. I had a senior moment at the end when Eric suggested we finish with "'Coffee' and 'Cookies'." I had no idea what he was talking about but, of course, the duties of a host require at least the illusion of competency and understanding so I sat there with an imbecilic smile on my face until I realized he was referring to his song "Good Strong Coffee." Even then I didn't make the connection with "Cookies" until La Bopperue (accent grave over the e) called out "Delicious Cookies" from out of the darkness. Hooboy! It's only my most requested tune, after all. Jewel Box Artistic Director Todd Erler had some good notes afterwards and the next Songwriters' Conversation, with local hero Matt Price, should be even stronger. See you there!

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