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I said I finished principal recording on the new album a couple of weeks ago, but hey. I went into the studio Sunday and redid four lead vocals, not a bad day's work. It was mostly a question of using the right microphone. At our first sessions we used the big Neumann studio mike but it was so sensitive I couldn't really belt anything out, so the performances didn't have a lot of dynamic range. This time, with another mike I was able to sufficiently bluesify. I've said it before, but I'm really proud of this record. It's a good selection of songs, although all my records have good songs on them, if you ask me. What "From the Island" has that the other studio albums don't have is a unified sound. It was all recorded in one studio, with one engineer, and the arrangements are all for one guitar and bass, with drums about 2/3 the time and the occasional vocal chorus. Ever since the "Paradise Loft" LP in 1982 my albums have been so full of stylistic diversity that you can't quite tell where I'm coming from: track follows track with Afropop, then jazz, then country ballads, then hard blues. I've still got all that and more in "From the Island" but it's all in the context of my voice and guitar. Here's the current sequence: Went Too Far Holding On Dark by the Rain From the Island The Afterwhile Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat Portland Blues A Woman Left Lonely Delicious Cookies I Made My Baby Cry It's Supposed to Snow at Christmas Beale Street Blues

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