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Here We Go Again

I'm going to hate myself in the morning, but I have a couple of thoughts about the recent Tiger Woods imbroglio. First off, isn't it against the law to physically attack one's spouse? We can all be pretty sure that if it was HE going after SHE with the 9-iron that HE would be in jail right now. But instead of Mrs. Woods answering questions at the station house there she is on the cover of People magazine, the chic, heartbroken victim of her man's wicked, wicked ways. To which I have two words in reply: "Oh" and "Please." Did this fetching martyr have no idea the number of women throwing themselves at the greatest golfer in the world before they were married and after? None? It came as a horrible shock? Note the two words referenced above. It's a safe bet that in their courtship she went for him just as brazenly as all the others. It's just that she won - her looks put her higher on the food chain, high enough that she got the paper, the one that says if you ever, EVER respond in the slightest to ANY of the hundreds of women who are available to you on any particular day, no matter if I've been an utter bitch to you for months, no matter if you are thousands of miles away, no matter if our physical life together is fraught, frigid, or nonexistent, then you will lose everything. Everything. And they say marriage is an institution whereby men oppress women.

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