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Hank and Patsy Redux

Trixie, Bubbles, and Flo worked their collective magic at Bainbridge Island's annual Hank Wlliams/Patsy Cline Festival again this year, with an even bigger show and larger cast. In the concert program the complete title was "Trixie, Bubbles, and Flo with the Cadillac Cowboys and Pipes." Pipes is our vocal group, made up of the pride of Turloc, California the Fabulous Picata Sisters, LaVerne and Flambay. The Cadillac Cowboys (Riff, Biff, and Jeff) embodied the male virtues: cleanliness, flexibility, and unobtrusive support. This year Trixie has emerged as the vocal star of the group, singing all the leads except "Walkin' After Midnight" (ably handled by Flo) while the chorus sang harmonies behind her. The audience thought she was the most glamorous thing they'd ever heard in their life and she even did a hilarious comic bit wiith Bubbles. I, too, got into the act, fulfilling a lifelong dream by telling Dizzy Gilespie's joke of "And now I'd like to introduce the band," then introducing them to each other. Other moments during which the audience didn't know whether to yodel or go blind included Biff's vicious rhumba beat on "Strange," Trixie's soul-stirring black cocktail dress and pedicure, and Riff's final high note at the end of our encore "Hey, Good-Lookin'." Follow that!

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