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Hank and Patsy

I played at an interesting festival on Bainbridge Island last night, a 6-hour tribute to Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, where all the performers did nothing but Hank Williams and Patsy Cline material. If you think there might have been some repetition, you're right. But the fact that a lot of different people did "Crazy" or "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" didn't translate into boredom - hearing the same tunes over again just threw the performers themselves into plainer relief. It was a festival of interpretation, and everybody has heard me say that the world needs fewer songwriters and more interpreters. I was there as part of "Trixie, Bubbles, Flo, and the Cadillac Cowboys." It's a clumsy moniker to be sure but we had fun with it, the three girls and myself: Bubbles the GFF, Trixie her sister, and Flo my former student. It was really about helping three talented amateur singers get over their stagefright and I think it worked, considering a) nobody panicked and b) the place was packed. Flo opened things up with "Walking After Midnight" and, despite the fact that we followed an act that a) got an encore and b) wouldn't take their gear off the stage, she got a warm response and set the mood very well. After this came Bubbles, who did a knockout version of "Jambalaya." This was followed by the real star turn of the set, Trixie's soulful reading of "Sweet Dreams of You," which really set the audience on its collective ear. It was the strongest, most emotionally true vocal performance I heard all night. We finished with a ragged-but-right version of "Hey! Good-Lookin'" with everybody taking a verse in turn. Then we fled the scene. The audience was filled with people who knew the girls in their previous incarnations, so the comments afterwards ran mostly along the lines of, "I had no idea you could do that!" People also admired our matching shirts with the pearl snaps and the Cadillac on the back with two guitars in the back seat. Flo got plenty of admiring glances for her glamorous new look, which, like the shirts, was Bubbles' doing. Why, Miss Faversham! You're beautiful!

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