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I still haven't gotten used to the normalcy pursued by so many gay people these days. I came of age at a time when to be gay, especially for a man, was to be extravagantly flamboyant, almost obnoxiously obvious, and often as promiscuous as it is physically possible for mammals to be. Part of this was the tenor of the times, of course: the rise of identity politics and the violent, militant, anti-intellectual edge brought to political discourse by the Black Power Movement among others. And part of it was a convulsive casting-off of centuries-old taboos. It was a heady time, a time without perspective. And most of those guys are dead now. Dead too young. Badly dead. So, in the words of one magazine cover I saw a few years ago, "When did Gay people get so straight?" It could almost be argued that, in their quest for "marriage equality" and a more general embrace of "family values," there's a certain me-tooism at work. Still, somebody has to do it, I suppose, what with all the conservative Republicans who seem to be cheating on their wives right now. Speaking of wives, I went to the wedding of two men a couple of years ago, in Victoria, British Columbia, and except for both parties wearing trousers it was the most traditional wedding I'd ever seen. They even read the long-abandoned vow from the Biblical story of Judith: "Whither thou goest I will go and whither thou lodgest I will lodge and thy people shall be my people." When was the last time you heard a college-educated woman get up in front of all her friends from work and say that?

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