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Fireworks Night

Mike and I played last night at a restaurant in Poulsbo called Tizley's. We went from 8-10 and then sat on their upstairs terrace and watched the fireworks over Liberty Bay. Nice. The place worked hard to make us feel welcome, and I appreciate it. They've been open for at least a year now but I didn't work there before last night, mostly because the room is oddlly divided so that it's hard to get a unified audience. Everyone's cut off from everyone else. But the folks went out of their way to let us know they were glad to have us playing there, which is flattering. And the food is really good. This was Mike's second gig on bass with me and he's fitting in nicely. He's into the material and he never makes the same mistake twice, so I'm happy. Also, I've made a decision after reviewing my own performance. NO MORE TWO-CHORUS SOLOS. I can't tell you how many times in the past few months I've come to the end of an instrumental chorus, thought to myself, "Okay, that went pretty well - let's stretch it out," and then run completely out of ideas. Yes, I grew up listening to Cream and the Allman Brothers taking solo after solo but I've come to realize I'm just not that kind of player. One good chorus is enough for me. Sometimes it's all I've got in the store. So I'm not thinking Eric Clapton or Jerry Garcia anymore. I'm thinking Tampa Red, one tantalizing chorus that says everything I want to say and leaves the audience wanting more, not less. Bubbles was there last night (with her sister LaVerne - accent grave over the e), looking grand in that red jacket I like so much and a long skirt. Yummy. And Flo came along, too, just rocking those solid colors with the coral shirt and little choker necklace under the collar. They showed the Poulsbonians a thing or two, I must say.

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