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Every day I get two or three entries for the discussion board, most of them in the Cyrillic alphabet or touting various financial, online, or erectile products. About once a week I get one which reads, "I really like this blog" or "great site!" or some such. These I delete the way I delete the others but I wonder sometimes if I'm cutting off somebody who is genuinely interested in being a part of whatever this is. So. If you're reading and want to comment, then PLEASE put something in your comment relating to a specific aspect or entry. So "great site" will continue to be dumped (unfairly or not) and "when you conflated the Monkees, the Sex Pistols, and the Grateful Dead I became convinced you were dropped on your head as a child" will be included. Coming soon: Lang Lang, or as we sometimes call him around the Ponderosa, Bang Bang.

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