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Egan's Ballard Jam House

The show Saturday night went well, and the venue was nice. Egan's is a small place, capacity about 50, on the edge of the Ballard neighborhood, one of several Seattle districts that imitate Soho's mix of galleries, restaurants, and performance spaces. The room is well-appointed and comfortable: good lights and sound, comfortable seats, a 6-foot baby grand piano. The piano needed tuning, but Dave Bristow (the only accompanist) was capable of working around the problem areas. We played for about 90 minutes without a break. Here's the original set list. Godzilla Feet Casanova's Waltz Down the River Nobody's Daddy Cupertino That's Alright, Baby Mirror My Old Car The Battle is Over In the Pines Root Man Boogie From the Island Delicious Cookies Never Do Right Blues Restless Youth in Chinatown Turn to Me encore: Beale Street Blues I say "original" because when I got 3/4 through the set I saw we had played for less than an hour, so I threw in, variously, I Made My Baby Cry, Went Too Far Blues, and the long Bob Dylan story that made nobody laugh. In fact, I did such a good job of stretching that I had to leave off Turn to Me and finish with Chinatown if we were going to fit in an encore, which we did. My own list of highlights would include "Cupertino," a new song that I'll put up here as soon as I figure out how to do that; "Mirror," which has gradually wormed its way onto the A list over the years and shows no sign of leaving; That's Alright, Baby, which is turning into our go-to hot blues; The Battle is Over, with Dave handling the second-line-to-shuffle-and-back-again very nicely; and the perennial In the Pines. When it was over the sound man bought a T-shirt, which is high praise.

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