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Bruce at the Superbowl

OK, he did the knee drop to open "Tenth Avenue Freezeout," but did you see him trying to get up on the piano? They should have given him steps. He was wheezin'. The referee calling Delay Of Game was funny, though. Still, the whole thing was a bit like somebody's uncle at a wedding reception. Eventually the Super Bowl is going to run out of old rock acts. The blonde in the red top they kept cutting to was fairly mature, but I don't think she got the references. In fact, I'll bet she had not yet been born when I saw that great Bruce show in Meadeville, PA in 1978. The encore was Eddie Floyd's "Raise Your Hand" and I was in the last row of the top balocony. I raised my hand. I'll tell you - who's it gonna be next year, Steppenwolf? Molly Hatchett? Question Mark and the Mysterians? How about a Knickerbockers/Shadows of Knight double-bill? Is Elizabeth Kuhbler-Ross still working? She could do the buildups. "Is everybody ready?" Yes, Lord, take me now.

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