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Back from the Tour

I may eventually catch up on my sleep after five days on the East Coast and the big Conor Byrne show last night. But there was a lot of great music to be heard and played. I can always sleep. Cruising around Bucks County, PA in a rental car listening to Blind Willie McTell is not the worst way to spend a weekend. Nor is seeing my children and hearing them sing Louvin Brothers duets - who says kids these days are stupid? The interesting thing to me was seeing audiences enjoying early and roots-based music without all the archival showing-off that was so much a part of the '60s and '70s blues audience. Nobody feels the need to talk about alternate takes and uncredited sidemen the way they used to. This frees me to mix and match styles and periods in both originals and covers without the old more-purist-than-thou. People just get the timeless universal feeling that is the music's greatest virtue. It's refreshing for a performer not to have to put on the hat and glasses. See the entry for January 11 if you don't get the reference.

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