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Another Open Mike

I ran into Todd Houghton the other day and he invited me (again) to the open-mike he hosts every month at the Harbor Pub on Bainbridge Island. Todd's one of the good guys; he recorded about half the tracks that later became the "Nobody's Daddy" album. Besides that, this particular open-mike was the first place I ever played on the Island, before I knew a soul. I was flying back East the next morning and sold my last CD to make bus fare to the airport. I may not go to it every time anymore, but I went gladly this time. It was a good night, in part because Todd is a fearsomely good player on guitar and bass and in part because of all the musicians in the audience and because the rest of the crowd liked music, too. Another good thing was the fact that the whole thing wasn't just a procession of acts. Different combinations of people got up and when nobody wanted to do anything nobody did anything. Then after a while another ad hoc group got up. People kept asking me to play with them and yet it didn't turn into All Pete All The Time because every two or three songs somebody else would sing or something else would happen. Also, Todd requested a song of mine I had more or less forgotten - "Root Man Boogie" - and it worked so well that now it's back on the A list again. I love when that happens.

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