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The guy who runs the Conor Byrne open-mike looks just like Francis X. Bushman, the silent movie star who first played Ben-Hur. I mention this only because it's true. I enjoy the Conor Byrne open-mike. Last week a woman told me I was "like an English David Hasselhoff," which isn't as hip as Francis X. Bushman but, then, neither am I. There's something moving about people in their thirties who play guitar and sing songs. When I was a teenager in the '60s I listened to Robert Johnson records that had been made 30 years before. Last night I heard people not much older than I was then singing tunes by the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel that were hits over 40 years ago. You can make that a statement about the vapidity of modern popular music or the eternal sifting of the young through history or the simple power of incumbency. I just like to watch.

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