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One of my favorite songwriters wrote me today in defense of Sarah Palin, citing the need for "divided government" as a deterrent to liberal group-think, an example of which he cited as its malign influence on music and which writers should be canonized among folkies. Here is my reply. Dear Steve, Thanks for writing. I expect that I am more conservative than you on some issues, and I'm sure my career has suffered for it. We can talk that out when when we get together next. My problem with Sarah Palin is that she seems stupid; and instead of trying to educate herself for the national stage she has suddenly found herself on she appears to be selling herself as someone who is "just like us," who "shares our values," and "understands the problems of ordinary people." I don't want a President who is just like me. I want a President who is smarter than me, because this country is in deep trouble. We're getting our lunch eaten by countries whose governments are a lot less divided than ours is even now. I voted for Obama not because I'm a Democrat (I'm a Republican) but because he seemed the more intelligent and thoughtful of the two candidates. Eight years of incompetence was enough for me. And I fear that the Cheney/Palin wing of the GOP will do to conservatism what the hippies did to the New Left, which is to say render it irrelevant, at best a joke, more likely a dangerous mob of undefined and unmanageable resentments. If Sarah Palin were talking about energy independence, consumer debt, and the crisis in our educational/cultural establishment I would be all ears. If she sticks with abortion, death panels, and winning in Afghanistan then the Ron Paul sign stays up in my front yard. I hope this finds you well. warm regards, pete

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